Saturday, December 15, 2012


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I think it would be interesting IF we could all visit inside each other's mind. I wonder if you would like to diagram that visit for us? Don't be shy... I'm busy cleaning & clearing a good part of the library of my mind. This is a gift I'm giving myself for Christmas. OH...WHAT A GIFT ! I remember one year when I did something similar...I asked my mind to show me EVERY FEAR I owned. Some were small, others medium sized & some were VERY BIG. I was aware of most of the BIG ONES, but I was stunned at the number of small ones...especially the very small ones. I honestly thought my creative mind would never finish showing these to me. There was a point when I wished I had never asked for such a thing.....but in the end I wasn't sorry.

 I know very well that it isn't possible to clean & clear without being able to see & confront, as difficult as that might be. So now I find myself wanting to go deeper down. This has been a difficult year for me/us, so I thought...."what the heck." I'm willing to do some very deep cleaning & clearing.

The most difficult thing about this project is being able to "uncover" things, the reason being that they hide themselves in "normality." The Truth is that they are in disguise, so I have to look very carefully. I'm using several methods for this. The most powerful one is deep meditation from the position of my Highest Self & looking down directly on how I want my life to unfold. That image has been very helpful because as I focus on the "unfolding", I can see or feel the obstructions.....& there are many. I'm looking at my life in relationship with myself, my husband, my children ( this includes Michael )....those of you who know me do know about Michael....then there are other relationships, my home, how I spend my time, my wastes, bad or other habits that are not useful....I've divided them up because I don't like the word "bad." This list continues....

 I've noticed quite a few changes since I've begun this process. Some have been quite dramatic, even painful. For example, my tendency towards impatience has become much more uncomfortable. Yesterday I ended up with real pain in my side that lasted the whole day. Usually I move through my impatience without really noticing the body tension...BUT I do know it is there, but just not noticeable. I also had a rather violent anxiety attack around my need to control certain circumstances....yesterday it was my grandchildren. They are good kids, but have issues that are uncomfortable for me to observe.

On the positive side, I've gone through a tremendous amount of work in my writing, websites, audio programs, etc. My mind is much clearer. I'm sure about what I'm doing & I'm progressing without fear & doubt. This is an improvement for me. OK...time is tight for me tonight, but I will comment more on this a bit later. Hope you are all doing well....


My image for today is something I designed for my patients called "birth assets." Few of us think about how valuable we are as human beings. We come into this life with so much value. It helps to remember these, especially when we find ourselves involved in some sort of struggle. I invite you to visit my AUTHORS PAGE on

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 OK...I'm up to Day 13 of NHBPM & getting started a bit earlier with today's assignment. It's a rainy day. I just got to the computer & have about an hour writing time. I break my time into "Pods" or segments....this is how I live my life. For me, it is much easier have a discipline of "system" for moving through. Of course, interrupters happen, but not as often as they did before I put my "system" into place. So, what does this have to do with NHBPM? Well, the assignment for today is... BOOK REPORT:

What's your favorite book & how can you tie it to your health or life?

This is both easy & difficult for me. Writers are usually big readers. I'm both. Sometimes the argument in my head is whether I should read or write. I'm having that "inner discussion" right now. My favorite book is usually the book I'm reading at the moment. Now I'm making my way through "Mind is the Master"...The Complete James Allen Treasury. There are 19 classic books in this one volume...or should I call it voluminous. It's only 866 pages, but it appears bigger. I can't carry it anywhere, not that I'd want to.

 For me, this book is not just about reading. I'm working through it as a journaling exercise...each morning for about an hour with meditation build into the process. I've been writing this way for many years now. It's my special focus time that I dedicate to dealing with my life issues & where they take me. I believe that every issue has a destination, like a bus ticket, only I have some say about the destination. As I heal from my son's death, I've decided on a route to a higher divine experience. This is new for me, so I'm very excited about my ticket. My books are my mentors, spiritual guides & connection to my God-Force. No matter where I of my "books", carefully chosen for the occasion goes with me.

 Here are some of my favorite choices...

 All books by James Redfield...The Celestine Prophecy included. I especially enjoy the experiential guides.

All books by Neville Goddard

All books by Joan Borysenko

All books by Carlos Castaneda

All books by Wayne Dyer

Most books by Julia Cameron

There are many more that live in my library & on my IPAD. Well, you get the idea.

 I also like to read biographies. I like knowing what make's people "tick." We learn from the journey of others. I do read fiction, but pick it very carefully as time is a big issue for me.

I have dedicated myself to finding "a better way to live". This takes a good amount of time, but it especially takes commitment & dedication. For me, this means getting up early so my mind will be in the right place for what I want to accomplish. Nothing is more important to me than this mission, for I believe that by healing my heart & re-structuring the parts of my character & behaviors that I have "ignored"( for want of a better word ) I will find peace & the route to the things I want to achieve in my lifetime.

 BTW, for those of you who read my blog yesterday....about Lily....I discussed her with my husband this morning. As I went deeply into her character, his eyes filled with tears. He gets it...!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Who's Dead?....Who's Not?

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OK...Now I'm up to Day 12 on my writing challenge for NHBPM...National Health Blog Post Month. I feel like I've been writing for the entire month. I'm still trying to uncover my discontent with the project. It reminds me of certain courses I was obligated to take in school & the resistance that accompanied them. I'm well aware that it makes things harder when the attitude is shifted towards "negative." In all honesty to NHBPM, it's not just this project. I also have this same attitude towards other things. Perhaps I'll make a list of them one day. I know I'm not alone in this quagmire.

OK...I'm settling down now.

Today's Assignment - Call BS on something. What's something that is just ridiculous?

I'm finding it difficult to wrap my mind around this. I've been writing a good part of today & so my mind is still in those areas of focus. I'm doing NaNoWriMo, which means I'm re-writing my novel...The Snow Crocus. I'm deeply involved with my main character...Lily. I've re-written her character a few times now & I'm moving much closer to my own inner self.  I didn't intend on this happening & even tried to avoid it, but that part of me & my experiences keep coming up on the page. Perhaps this is something that is just ridiculous.

I SHOULD LET HER SPEAK & LET HER BE HERSELF. Under the circumstances it is just ridiculous to keep pushing her out & denying her the right to "spill the beans." I'm not sure why I felt so strongly about not letting her "be." Part of me didn't want to go back & re-hash these parts of my life. Another part of me didn't want to share this with my husband who is sure to read the book before I publish it. I don't want him to read too much into Lily's thinking & choices.

Lily is about to take her own life. Like me, she has lost her son. Like me, her life has been very difficult. She is grieving, but has come to the realization that her life is "flat." Her relationships are flat. She has no purpose or desire to aspire to anything. As Lily explains it, "It's time to write the last paragraph, place the period at the end of the sentence & end the story. This is what she writes in her journal on "her last day."  Obviously, this is the juncture where Lily & I part ways.  I'm nothing like her, but I do "get her." I know those feelings. I've lived them before in other circumstances.

While I never thought about ending my own life, I can understand wanting to do that. I have deep compassion & understanding for people who find themselves in deep, dark places. I've been down in those trenches, but there was always something that I was able to grab to pull myself up.  I know it is only a few short steps from that place to the final period that closes the book.

I think it is important for me to allow Lily to express these dark emotions. Not to do so is "ridiculous." For me to have any fear or reservation around this is ridiculous. This is part of my creative process. follow my assignment for today....IT IS BS NOT TO FOLLOW MY CREATIVE PROCESS & TO ATTEMPT TO DENY IT ACCESS TO THE STORY.

Lily is not unlike many women I know. As I mentioned, I do know parts of her intimately. She is a woman who has always worked to everyone's pleasure. What's interesting about Lily is that even she doesn't know that she hasn't been happy because she hasn't experienced TRUE JOY in her life. She simply doesn't think deeply about things like that. She is too pre-occupied in daily tasks. And then, she suffers a major loss that literally "cracks her shell." The true Lily comes seeping out of the cracks & for the first time she no longer cares about pleasing her anger subsides, she finds herself in no-mans land, living among the dead...where her son now resides. As her husband Todd screams at her...."You might as well be dead Lily." Little does Todd know that Lily has already considered this."

Now that I have everyone depressed, do know that Lily is about to go on an incredible adventure through her mirror...guided by an angel she met early on in her life. The story is filled with angels who wander amongst us, watching & waiting for the right moment to take charge & bring new rainbows into lives without color.