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My image for today is something I designed for my patients called "birth assets." Few of us think about how valuable we are as human beings. We come into this life with so much value. It helps to remember these, especially when we find ourselves involved in some sort of struggle. I invite you to visit my AUTHORS PAGE on

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 OK...I'm up to Day 13 of NHBPM & getting started a bit earlier with today's assignment. It's a rainy day. I just got to the computer & have about an hour writing time. I break my time into "Pods" or segments....this is how I live my life. For me, it is much easier have a discipline of "system" for moving through. Of course, interrupters happen, but not as often as they did before I put my "system" into place. So, what does this have to do with NHBPM? Well, the assignment for today is... BOOK REPORT:

What's your favorite book & how can you tie it to your health or life?

This is both easy & difficult for me. Writers are usually big readers. I'm both. Sometimes the argument in my head is whether I should read or write. I'm having that "inner discussion" right now. My favorite book is usually the book I'm reading at the moment. Now I'm making my way through "Mind is the Master"...The Complete James Allen Treasury. There are 19 classic books in this one volume...or should I call it voluminous. It's only 866 pages, but it appears bigger. I can't carry it anywhere, not that I'd want to.

 For me, this book is not just about reading. I'm working through it as a journaling exercise...each morning for about an hour with meditation build into the process. I've been writing this way for many years now. It's my special focus time that I dedicate to dealing with my life issues & where they take me. I believe that every issue has a destination, like a bus ticket, only I have some say about the destination. As I heal from my son's death, I've decided on a route to a higher divine experience. This is new for me, so I'm very excited about my ticket. My books are my mentors, spiritual guides & connection to my God-Force. No matter where I of my "books", carefully chosen for the occasion goes with me.

 Here are some of my favorite choices...

 All books by James Redfield...The Celestine Prophecy included. I especially enjoy the experiential guides.

All books by Neville Goddard

All books by Joan Borysenko

All books by Carlos Castaneda

All books by Wayne Dyer

Most books by Julia Cameron

There are many more that live in my library & on my IPAD. Well, you get the idea.

 I also like to read biographies. I like knowing what make's people "tick." We learn from the journey of others. I do read fiction, but pick it very carefully as time is a big issue for me.

I have dedicated myself to finding "a better way to live". This takes a good amount of time, but it especially takes commitment & dedication. For me, this means getting up early so my mind will be in the right place for what I want to accomplish. Nothing is more important to me than this mission, for I believe that by healing my heart & re-structuring the parts of my character & behaviors that I have "ignored"( for want of a better word ) I will find peace & the route to the things I want to achieve in my lifetime.

 BTW, for those of you who read my blog yesterday....about Lily....I discussed her with my husband this morning. As I went deeply into her character, his eyes filled with tears. He gets it...!

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