Saturday, December 15, 2012


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I think it would be interesting IF we could all visit inside each other's mind. I wonder if you would like to diagram that visit for us? Don't be shy... I'm busy cleaning & clearing a good part of the library of my mind. This is a gift I'm giving myself for Christmas. OH...WHAT A GIFT ! I remember one year when I did something similar...I asked my mind to show me EVERY FEAR I owned. Some were small, others medium sized & some were VERY BIG. I was aware of most of the BIG ONES, but I was stunned at the number of small ones...especially the very small ones. I honestly thought my creative mind would never finish showing these to me. There was a point when I wished I had never asked for such a thing.....but in the end I wasn't sorry.

 I know very well that it isn't possible to clean & clear without being able to see & confront, as difficult as that might be. So now I find myself wanting to go deeper down. This has been a difficult year for me/us, so I thought...."what the heck." I'm willing to do some very deep cleaning & clearing.

The most difficult thing about this project is being able to "uncover" things, the reason being that they hide themselves in "normality." The Truth is that they are in disguise, so I have to look very carefully. I'm using several methods for this. The most powerful one is deep meditation from the position of my Highest Self & looking down directly on how I want my life to unfold. That image has been very helpful because as I focus on the "unfolding", I can see or feel the obstructions.....& there are many. I'm looking at my life in relationship with myself, my husband, my children ( this includes Michael )....those of you who know me do know about Michael....then there are other relationships, my home, how I spend my time, my wastes, bad or other habits that are not useful....I've divided them up because I don't like the word "bad." This list continues....

 I've noticed quite a few changes since I've begun this process. Some have been quite dramatic, even painful. For example, my tendency towards impatience has become much more uncomfortable. Yesterday I ended up with real pain in my side that lasted the whole day. Usually I move through my impatience without really noticing the body tension...BUT I do know it is there, but just not noticeable. I also had a rather violent anxiety attack around my need to control certain circumstances....yesterday it was my grandchildren. They are good kids, but have issues that are uncomfortable for me to observe.

On the positive side, I've gone through a tremendous amount of work in my writing, websites, audio programs, etc. My mind is much clearer. I'm sure about what I'm doing & I'm progressing without fear & doubt. This is an improvement for me. OK...time is tight for me tonight, but I will comment more on this a bit later. Hope you are all doing well....

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