Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pick Up Your Feet

I just went to check the mail. IT IS SO COLD HERE...! My heart goes out to anyone who is living on the streets or in a home without proper heating. For those of you who haven't experienced what we call a Nor'Easter, this is what it feels like. Wind gusts up to 75 mph, sleet hammering at the windows & doors, snow piling up...trees bending to the ground under the weight of nature's delivery.

I'm sitting at my desk & facing my deadlines. I've moved past the publication of eight eBooks & now I'm in the middle of a series I had planned on writing a few years back. It's time. The links to those books are over in the left hand column. I'm in the middle of re-writing my novel that I wrote to honor my son's life. It's time. I'm starting Week #2 of The National Health Blog Post Month. While I'm enjoying this, I'm finding the "mind shift" not as pleasant as I would like, BUT this is what happens when we make commitments. We start off feeling energized & excited, but then we hit the wall somewhere in the first few weeks. Now, no one twisted my arm to get involved in this project & I did expect to "hit the wall." In a way, I wanted to have this experience for each time we "hit the wall" & move forward with "heavy feet", we get better at just about everything.

Today's CHALLENGE - Write a Letter to Your Health... I like this subject. I spend time writing to my health each morning, so this isn't anything new for me. What I find even more interesting is my health writing back to me, so I'm thinking to reverse today's challenge & instead, have my health write to me. In fact, I think I'd like to have a conversation. OK?

EB - I'm very grateful to you for responding so well after the high level stress we have been through together. When I think back to those days when I treated you so poorly, I sit in awe of how you fought back until I finally listened.

MIND-BODY - You were difficult to reach during those years. Much had to do with unhealthy patterns that were formed early in life, especially those that went unnoticed. It didn't help that your family did some of the same things, causing you to think they were OK. Remember the decades when you didn't connect your body systems to your eating, drinking & "those other things?" We screamed at you, but for some reason you went to medicate in other ways. There was a part of you that wanted to stop, but yet you didn't stop. There seemed to be such a disconnect between your mind & body. It was strange to experience this, especially since you are intelligent & well-educated.

EB - Yes, the disconnect is now something I study on a daily basis because I still experience it on occasion. When I made my "big changes" several decades ago, I actually found it easier. Changing everything was easier! Wow, even writing that seems odd. Now, I have to weed out those areas that are often hidden away, many of which don't want to be seen. They hide behind my good habits, as if if it is OK for them to be, because the rest is done so well. I find this in areas of both mind & body. And now, I'm beginning to see their connections. I also feel the intensity behind their desire "not to be noticed." If I am to climb to a higher level of mind, body & spirit, I do have to weed these out.

MIND-BODY - If you like, we can help. But, here's the thing. If you agree to wanting our help, you will need to pay attention & make the changes...even if they are small. If not, we simply won't be motivated to work in this way with you. Think about it. So many times people just say "yes yes", when they really have little intention or desire to make the changes.

EB - So, let me clarify something. If I say that I want you to show me the "weeds", will you also give me a workable plan & energy to make these corrections? Will you be sure not to send all of them at the same time? I don't do well with being over-whelmed.

 MIND-BODY - Your questions are understood, but unnecessary. You will never feel over-whelmed. Everything comes in the form of peaceful awareness, bringing it's own motivation, so there is nothing for you to do except to be the observer. EB - Well then...I am more than ready & I'm actually excited to see these areas. I already feel lighter, as if rocks were taken out of my backpack.

MIND-BODY - Correct ! Once things come to the Light, the journey is quicker & enjoyable. Light brings Freedom from the weight of those things which are hidden. So, is it a deal?

EB - Yes, most certainly. When do we start?

MIND-BODY - We started a few paragraphs ago. Pick up your feet & move along now. Sense the shoes!

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